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Your Dog’s Well-Being Is Our Top Priority

Training Tailored

Personalized for your lifestyle and customized for your pet

Expert Advice

I offer step-by-step guide to training or behavior issues and how to address them

Dog Training Reinforcement

Let us help reinforce training you are working on with your dog.

Your Dogs Safety is Key

We have the numbers for your vet, our vet, and animal poison control.



It’s important to start early, when the dog is still a puppy but we believe old dogs can learn new tricks. From basic practical elements such as lead/collar/food/exercise advice and tips, to more in-depth analysis of a particular query or concern, I can help, whatever your issue.

Dogs are my passion, and I strive to help people understand why their dog is behaving the way they are, not just how to fix it. I always prioritize the dog’s needs, and provide solutions that are compassionate and caring.

Food. Love.


Training is a lifelong commitment, so there is no rule on how many lessons your dog will need. However old your dog is, whatever the issue, no matter how big or small your concern, I want to help.

Once you've received your support package you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and seek further advice, depending on which package and how many revisions you've selected.

Please note, behavioral issues are sometimes linked to an underlying health problem and I will always advise you to consult your vet if I feel it's necessary.

Our dogs behavior of eating shoes, jumping on guests was embarrassing. Moniques behavioral training along with a routine of running and jogging with our two dogs solved the issue. Sandra Baker, Customer

We Service

12 Months Per Year


If you have a dog behavior challenge that needs one-on-one attention, private lessons can help prevent and resolve issues and help you help your dog become a mannerly, compliant companion.

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