Just like humans, dogs need daily exercise for their health and happiness. It’s imperative that your pets receive appropriate

amounts of exercise, special food, bath, care and brain activities. It’s our goal to get your pet playing, walking, running,

jumping, or anything else that can help them become excited, entertained, happy, and healthy.

Our dog and pet walking service is perfect for you if you’ve got a dog that could use some gentle exercise or if

he/she is alone all day. It could also be a great option if your dog shows some negative behavior traits because getting

some walking exercise can often decrease (or eliminate) the anxiety and stress that lead to unwanted behaviors.


Our dogs behavior of eating shoes, jumping on guests was embarrassing. Moniques behavioral training along with a routine of running and jogging with our two dogs solved the issue.
Sandra Baker, Customer

Some clients may prefer to walk their dog before or after work and may only require a let out during the day. We spend a

minimum of 25 minutes (more if required) to let the dog out. We provide fresh water, provide a safe, private, on leash walking/running

service. We also reinforce training exercises to help your well mannered pup.

This service may also suit clients who simply need to go out for the day and cannot take the dog.