You’ll never have to wonder how much fun the pups are having because we’ll send you videos of the action. Social interaction with other dogs is key to a happy, well mannered pup. Dogs who surrounded by their own gain trust, confidence, and mental stimulation. Our team limits our overnight stays to a handful of dogs so that we can provide the best attention and care.

We offer pick up and drop off so you can go to work guilt free knowing you’ll come home to a wiped out, happy dog, instead of having to go pick your dog up from a facility

Providing dog walking, dog daycare and boarding to the neighborhoods of Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe Woods, Birmingham, Berkley, Royal Oak, Huntington Woods and Surrounding Hoods.

Absolutely love them!  They are incredibly responsible, energetic, accommodating and, most importantly, they speak fluent “dog”.  They’ve been running daily with our rescue pit bull, London, for a while now.  Not only do they engage with her and allow her to release some energy, they treat every visit as a training opportunity.  The improvements in our dog have been dramatic and she absolutely loves Monique and her team (tail wagging and waiting at the door the moment she hears their cars pull up).  I would recommend them without hesitation for walks, training or overnight visits – you’ll receive a consistent experience from someone that understands your dog’s individual needs.
Sarah oglesby Battle, Londons Momma