Pack Or Private Walks?

Good Dog Sense loves taking to the trails with your pets at our side. You will see firsthand the rewards of physical exercise and mental stimulation on your dog’s psyche and body through their calmer moods and longer naps. When they hear our car arrive, they are at the window with their tail wagging.

If you have more than two dogs, then you need to do these things in pack order — alpha dog first, then the betas, and omegas last. This will reinforce the dog pack hierarchy and make all of your dogs feel confident that they are in their proper place.

Our service for dog running in Grosse Pointe MI, Birmingham MI and surrounding neighborhoods, takes your dog or dogs on one of three different length walk/runs/jogs. You can rest easy knowing that Good Dog Sense is providing your canine companion the exercise he or she deserves and needs in order to stay healthy. Dogs from single dog households spend one-on-one time with their guide.

it is awesome seeing dogs demeaner, attitude, and habits change simply by providing routine walks.
Mark Laschinski, GDS Team