Is Walking Good for all Dogs?

Just like humans, dogs need daily exercise for their health and happiness to fulfill the dogs most basic needs. We feel that there is a direct relationship between exercise and obedience. At Good Dog Sense, we understand the pups’ owners have busy schedules making it difficult to get the dogs out. One of our primary services is to lend a hand in that department, so your dog can get the exercise it needs on a daily basis.  It takes consistency to get your dog heart healthy.

Walking your dog is essential for training. Fenced yards are great, but it’s not enough. Dogs need to explore the world around them. Even a short walk easily satisfies this need for socialization.  Walking provides the dog with a lot of mental stimulation. Furthermore, mental stimulation will tire out a dog. A more relaxed dog with less energy is more obedient. Some companies simply let out and walk. We, at Good Dog Sense, seek for more exercise and stimulation and tailor the walk/run according to your dogs abilities.

At Good Dog Sense developed a simple schedule, starting with thirty-minute walks a minimum of five times per week. A sample schedule follows:

Week 1

30 minutes total

10 minutes brisk followed by 20 minutes casual pace

Week 2

30 minutes total

15 minutes brisk followed by 15 minutes casual pace

Week 3

30 minutes total

20 minutes brisk followed by 10 minutes casual pace

Week 4

35-40 minutes total

30 minutes brisk followed by 5-10 minutes casual pace

Week 5+

35-60 minutes total

Try to do two 20-30 minute walks per day: 15-25 minutes brisk followed by 5 minutes casual pace

Monique expends the excess energy that our chocolate lab has.  Our dog Cami seems to have an abundance of energy. After her run with Monique, she just chills out on the kitchen floor. ”
Todd Twist, Client